High-Speed Networking:
High Bandwidth and Low Latency Communication

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Gigabit Host–Network Interface Architecture

The Axon gigabit host–work interface architecture was done as part of my doctoral degree at Washington University in St. Louis, while on a leave of absence from IBM. Axon was designed and extensively simulated from 1988 through 1992, encompassing host and network interface architecture, operating systems, and protocols.

We believe Axon to be the first zero-copy host network interface, and the first use of distributed virtual shared memory over a wide area network.

plaNET/Orbit Fast Packet Networking

After graduate school I returned to the short lived IBM HPCC (High Performance Computers and Communications) group in Milford, CT (the NSFNet router folk) and Hawthorne NY (the Paris/Metaring and plaNET/Orbit folk).

Reports and Presentations

Most of the documentation I produced was classified, including:

John S. White and James P.G. Sterbenz,
RS/6000 Orbit Network Interface System Design.

James P.G. Sterbenz,
ATM and SONET Architecture for HPCC Broadband Network Services.

I did give an unclassified general presentation of
"Broadband Networking with the plaNET Fast Packet Architecture",
IEEE LEOS Summer Topicals: Gigabit Networking, 1993
which also describes by association the (then just) announced BBNS (Broadband Network Services).

Design of VLSI Switching System Components

This work was done between my M.S and D.Sc. under the direction of Jonathan S. Turner, and can be considered to be a M.S. project that took on a life of its own. The 2×2 prototype switch element chip set fabricated was the first operational silicon designed for use in the Washington University Broadcast Packet Network.


Sterbenz, James P.G.,
Design of a VLSI Packet Switch Element,
Washington University Department of Computer Science,
technical report WUCS-88-5, April 1988
[not available online]

Sterbenz, James P.G.,
Design and Implementation of a VLSI Packet Switch Element,
Washington University Computer and Communications Research Center,
technical report WUCCRC-88-1, April 1988
[not available online]

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